Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rampant European Multiculturalism, Political Entropy and Chaos

According to Jeremy Rifkin in his ground breaking book, Entropy, cultural disorder and chaos will continue to dilute and eventually destroy all national European identity /culture. The goal of Islam is to convert all of Europe into an Islamic Empire and they have a strong foothold in France and other nations. Can you imagine Italian cities with no local flavor, but sterile, neo modern, monolithic, socialistic, eutopian, possibly Islamic urban renewed condocities with a Starbucks on every corner with no real four flavor gelati and Spumante? New political parties from the left and illegal aliens will bring increased chaos, civil disorder which will inevitably will cause Europe to evolve into one nation and one national identity, the goal of the secular progressives! France, England and Spain have already felt the effects of an exploding Muslim population and the attempt to impose Sharia Law in certain sectors, a very alarming trend. The Europeans have let it slip past the tipping point and they will pay a high price before the final Jihad unless they take care of the problem soon before the Muslims are a majority, which is their goal!.

To a degree, California has suffered through a similar destructive period due to illegal influx and, consequently, its social, medical, welfare, and educational systems have been stretched beyond their limits. Fortunately, Arnold the Terminator may be able to slow down some of this entropy! That is what we conservatives do - attempt to regain some of the entropy equilibrium that ultimately shifts toward disorder in every republic as it slips more toward a liberal/secular society. We conservatives have a very important responsibility to ward off the socialist/secular forces and maintain one of the longest surviving democractic republics in the history of mankind although we are over that critical 200 year stable lifetime. According to the Rifkin analogy, it appears that the dilution of American cultural values is inevitable - we conservatives must preserve it at all costs as long as possible. The hard-core liberal progressives advocate absolutely no borders which would result in an extremely diluted American value system due to extreme influx of illegal aliens who refuse to blend into American culture and speak English and therefore create a subsequent extreme burden on state and national welfare systems. Remember, conservatives attempt to shift the equilibrium back to order once it has tilted toward chaos/maximum entropy. California has tilted so far to the left that it could be relocated to Europe and after the BIG ONE. It might break off and float off the continent and then a thousand tug boats could take it to Europe and cement it on! I'm sure we all miss the Hollywood liberals and all those great movies they have produced lately like the Inglorious Basterds with tons of entropy and chaos!! it is up for an academy award with 9 other stellar movies, some of which are worthy! I didn't like Brad Pitt's phony southern accent - not believable! The blonde girl was great- she deserves the oscar!
After this argument, how can anyone doubt that the Entropy Law does not apply to cultural, political, and economic problems!! Originally published in 2002, revised in 2010

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