Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Liberal Domination on American College Faculties

I have discovered a very active organization dedicated to reversing the leftist/socialist domination of American university faculties and their continued indoctrination and unfair treatment of all students while focusing on conservative students:(studentsforacademicfreedom.org). It was organized by David Horowitz, A reformed socialist/activist in the 60's who is now a conservative author/teacher.
In a new report the ratio of liberal to conservative professors is 30 to 1 (97%). They preach multiculturalism, academic freedom and human rights/equality above all else yet their reading lists, assignments, lectures and even grading is extremely biased to their leftist agenda. They hire only liberal peers and overlook very bright conservative candidates who are also as well read as their liberal counterparts. I emphasize the well read qualification because several of my liberal teacher friends have indicated their arrogant bias to me when I have asked them why most English and Humanities teachers are liberal. Their universal reply is: Liberals are well read! I suppose that makes all us southern conservatives a bunch of dumb-___ redneck good ole' boys/girls! That is certainly the attitude of the fraternity of college profs who only let their peers into their secret society. I could give you a long list of well read conservative practicing doctors, scientists, lawyers, teachers, preachers, politicians(easy these days) and humanitarians who have actually made a real impact on our planet, not standing in their bully pulpits proselytizing young students in leftist/liberal philosophy. Well that is all about to change! This very heroic organization has several class action suits in progress (without the ACLU) and several profs have preached their sacred tenure into jeopardy. You conservative students need to join and support this group so that we can change that absurd skewed 97% leftist/conservative ratio to closer to 50:50, then and only then can we have a truly politically and academically balanced University system.

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