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The Green Movement Undermines Traditional Texas Oil/Gas and Cattle/Beef Industry Jobs

The Green movement is largely from the left and undermines millions of traditional jobs in this country including many jobs in the oil and petrochemical industry in Texas which pays for our excellent teacher's retirement benefits and excellent colleges and universities. Obama and his Chicago mob politicians don't like Texas or Texas oil people like T. Boone Pickens because they are mostly conservative, have realistic solutions to the energy problem and our state will remain solvent because of "big oil/gas" which makes blue states look weak due to liberal policies. Obama and his "Chicago mobsters" would like to weaken our political and economic power here and shift it to the north/northeast. Those are the facts and they will affect all Texans if the "Greenies" win the battle - they have taken Spain to near bankruptcy and millions of traditional jobs lost. The Obama Administration is trying to weaken Big Oil, especially Texas Oil, which has a very strong alliance with Republicans like T. Boone Pickens.
T. Boone Pickens backed off his green wind projects in West Texas and went back to Texas natural gas because he finally realized the negative impact on Texas jobs.

From the Dallas Morning News:

Paring of oil perks would affect TexasTransition to favoring green energy could cut production, some warn.
By DAVE MICHAELS, Washington Bureau , Dallas Morning News

President Barack Obama's budget seeks to repeal valuable tax incentives and research fundingfor domestic oil and gas production,a change that wouldaffect thousands of small andlarge producers and some universitiesin Texas.The measures illustrate theWhite House's embrace of renewableenergy at the expenseof fossil fuel producers, whostill wield out with powerfullawmakers. The producerscomplain that the administrationis seeking to slow developmentwith new environmentalregulations and increasedscrutiny of oil and gas leases onfederal lands.Overall, the Obama administration'sbudget would cutfunding for fossil energy programs,which includes theStrategic Petroleum Reserve,by 20 percent in 2011. Separately,the repeal of eight taxincentives for oil and gas producerswould raise $36.5 billionfor the Treasury over 10years.A similar proposal failed togain support on Capitol Hilllast year. But industry officialsthe dominant federal researchThe proposed U.S. budget would cut fundedenergy programs by 20 percent in 2010.worry that lawmakers mayfind the proposal more appealingthis time as they look fornew revenue to help reduce recordfederal deficits.The tax breaks allow producersto deduct, for instance,most expenses associated withdrilling a well. The IndependentPetroleum Association ofAmerica says repeal of thatmeasure would cause oil andgas companies to scale backtheir drilling budgets by 20 to40 percent.The largest change, whichwould raise $17 billion over adecade, would come if Congressrepealed the ability of oiland gas firms to deduct someof their net income from domesticproduction activities."The entire tax debate thatwe'll see in this Congress issomewhat-hard to predictright now, and we certainly willbe very concerned about howthese proposals might be capturedin that debate," said LeeFuller, vice president of governmentaffairs for the petroleumassociation.The administration also isseeking to eliminate a $500million oil and gas researchprogram headquartered inSugar Land, Texas. SomeDemocrats have tried for yearsto abolish the program, arguingthat it amounts to a giveawayfor oil companies. Becausethe program gets itsmoney from federal royaltiesfor oil and gas production onpublic lands, it isn't subject toannual appropriations — andis therefore difficult to kill.The program has becomethe dominant Federal research fundingfor oil and gas development as fundingfor otherefforts has been slashed throughthe annual appropriationsprocess, Fuller said. Since,2007, the program has fundedresearch at the University, of,,Texas, Texas A&M University,and Rice University. Under thelaw, about $17.5 million annuallyis reserved for researchthat benefits exploration inwaters deeper than 5,000 feet— the domain of major oil andoilfield-services companies.Energy Secretary StevenChu said Monday that a matureindustry like oil and gasshould fund its own researchand development The EnergyDepartment proposed boostingfunding for solar and windenergy R&D by 22 percent and53 percent, respectively.But the industry consistentlyargues that independentsand small producers benefitmost from the research program,which distributes grantsto universities and businessesfocused on surmounting technicalchallenges to oil and gasproduction."There has always been aninaccurate bias ... of believingthe beneficiaries of these R&Dprograms are large oil companies,when in fact they aresmall producers," Fuller said."The large companies do theirR&D, but it's proprietary.


The methane gas emitted by cattle, which supposedly contributes to climate change, is only an excuse to push the "Green" campaign in Cambridge , Mass. to convert everyone to vegan according to their animal rights agenda! They shovel out enough political manure to cover the earth a foot deep - been smokin' a little too much dope at Harvard? They have been threatening a skater at the Olympics for wearing a small piece of fur on his costume. What a bunch of pinheads!

From Press Democrat: Posted 12 February 2010 03:02 PM
Harvard Hometown Plans Coercive Taxes, Veganism to Stop Climate 'Emergency'.

Congestion pricing to reduce car travel. Elimination of curbside parking. A carbon tax "of some kind," not to mention taxes on plastic and paper bags. Advocating vegetarianism and veganism, complete with "Meatless or Vegan Mondays." Those are just some of the proposals put forth by the Cambridge Climate Congress, an entity created in May 2009 to respond to the "climate emergency" plaguing the Massachusetts city.Going green will not be optional in Cambridge, Mass., if the Cambridge Climate Congress has its way. It will be mandatory.There will be congestion pricing to reduce car travel. Curbside parking will be eliminated. There will be a carbon tax "of some kind," not to mention taxes on plastic and paper bags. And the Massachusetts city, home of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will advocate vegetarianism and veganism, complete with "Meatless or Vegan Mondays."Those are just some of the proposals put forth by the Congress, which was created in May 2009 to respond to the "climate emergency" plaguing Cambridge. Once the Congress settles on its recommendations, they will submitted to the City Council."This emergency is created by the growth of local greenhouse gas emissions despite the urgent warnings of climate scientists that substantial reductions are needed in order to reduce the risk of disastrous changes to our climate," the Climate Congress reported in proposals issued on Jan. 23. "This proposal is made in the belief that an effective local response is, if anything, made more urgent by so far inadequate global agreements and federal policies for emissions reductions. It is made in the belief that our City should lead by example."

The loonies on the far left wonder why we don't want the government to control our diets, our cars, our houses, our entertainment (cable news), our entire lives - didn't work very well in th USSR? Maybe we should put a wall around Cambridge and let it slide to pure socialism and form it's own facist Green government with no moral legislation and total governmental control - my guess is they would "Bring Down that Wall" in a few years!

Where are John Wayne, Wyatt Earp and Clint Eastwood when we need them? I wonder what their solution to the Greenie invasion would be if they came on the ranch messin' with their cattle or authentic ostrich boots and beaver hats?

February, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Budweiser stock just went up and Coca Cola down today!
Bad news for soft drink makers at least those made with a certain sugar, high fructose corn syrup.
A study found that 2 sugary drinks per week could increase risk of pancreatic cancer by 87% if other risk factors like diabetes, red meat eater and smoking are present. Interesting is the fact that fruit juices with equivalent sugar have no effect on anyone so that seems to indicate that something synthetic or some combination of ingredients in the soft drinks is the problem!

My educated guess as a chemist is that the high fructose corn syrup, a semi synthetic sugar, is the culprit possibly combined with low pH (high acidity), all the flavor ingredients and phosphate at least in Classic Coke and DP! Sometimes combinations of benign organic chemicals can form carcinogenic toxins in combination with other food in the stomach where the pH is low(2) and highly acidic. Another example is cured meats like bacon with nitrite as a preservative.
Another possibility is dark color in Coke and DP due to the caramel coloring which is burned sugar . Anything burned is carcinogenic.

An exstudent/engineer, Dan Lyke, just added his opinion:
"I understand that high fructose corn syrup is very hard to metabolize in the digestive system since it is initially based from a fiber source. When the fiber doesn't appear, the enzymes that were triggered to break down the fiber are left confused and don't have anything to work on... this leads to other health problems."
Most nutritionists have warned about high fructose corn syrup for years, especially for obese people in danger of diabetes, and so now some responsible food companies post a label: No High Fructose Corn Syrup on some products.

Instead of a Coke in the morning I suppose now I have a good excuse to go back to my college days and have a Bud, the breakfast of champions!

You are asking how is this related to entropy and politics! Our college days greatly increased entropy/disorder in our bodies especially if in social clubs, but decreased it in our minds at least for most of us!
The video links below are from an ex student, Dr. Kent Zocchi, a retinal surgeon in Little Rock, concerning my last blog about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup. Please watch these videos, especially if you have children who drink sugary drinks and are overweight or if you are headed down that dangerous road.
We can blame Richard Nixon for this political conspiracy that is killing us slowly - a real Right Wing Conspiracy! HFCS is poison! Treat it as such!
You won't be consuming any HFCS anymore.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

The Politics of Obesity,

As far as politics is concerned, not much effect on any of us before the 60's. I graduated in '64 before the cultural upheaval in Texas migrated from California. Most everyone in southern universities like Baylor where I was were still traditional conservatives, both Democrats and Republicans. One hundred miles south of Waco in Austin the fires of liberalism were beginning to burn and now Austin is a island of progressivism surrounded by a sea of Texas traditionalists who would secede from the union before they would succumb to liberalism!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Tipping Point In Constitutional Democracies

- The equilibrium point between conservatism and order and the tendency toward secular progressivism and disorder according to the Second Law.
Entropy, according to the second law of thermodynamics, is the measure of disorder in a system. The entropy of the universe as a whole tends to a maximum. In the context of nations, this means that no nation or empire lasts indefinitely. On this point history is clear and unequivocal: Ancient Greece and Rome, Persian empire, Turkish empire, British empire, the Mongol empire of the 13th century which was the world’s largest contiguous empire. None lasted and all eventually disintegrated. The American Empire is next in line; the how is in progress, it’s just a matter of when and how soon. It has rapidly progressed toward the max lately.

According to Entropy Law, the arrow of time (a, above) always marches from order to disorder and consequently all civilizations and their cultures will crumble with time, the average stable lifetime being about 200 years before the elements of cultural decline begin to set in . For America it was the volatile 60's. Prior to that time there was a near equilibrium between the elements of civil order and disorder( b, above). Since the 60's, there has been a slow shift away from near equilibrium and stability to secular progressivism/socialism in certain regions, mostly the west and east coast. More significant the shift was away from the mostly conservative traditional lifestyle we all enjoyed growing up in the 40's - 50's which did take quite a lot of energy to maintain, but since the vast majority of Americans were conservative traditionalists, both Democrat and Republican, there was little political conflict. Those upheavals of the 60's from the far left threw the near equilibrium state to a more disordered state (c, above) driven by the elements of progressivism never to return to near cultural equilibrium( b, above). No matter how much energy we traditionalists put in or even if progressivism fails miserably, the equilibrium will never shift to more order overall (d, above) because that would defy the Law of Entropy. Pockets of order may reestablish as new republics, as matter has with organic evolution and the evolution of species. Those new republics, however, will begin to decline the second the ink dries on their constitution!

As someone said recently in a review of Bill O'Reilly's bestselling book, Culture Warrior: "Think about it - Secular Progressivism reduces everything to matter, which is locked in the prison cell of thermodynamics and entropy." What he is saying I believe is that Secular Progressivism(S-P), what we Culture Warriors are continually fighting, reduces cultural institutions to a more random dynamic form like Helium gas in a balloon which follows the Entropy Law when released into the air never to return to a stable collection of atoms but scattered randomly all over in the Earth's atmosphere. The one world, no borders, utopian socialistic society is the dream of most S-Ps. Once Secular Progressivism rears it's ugly head, the culture continually decays to cultural chaos/disorder never to return to it's more stable earlier traditional nationalistic state, in our case dictated by the American Constitution. S-Ps generally believe the Constitution is outdated and should be completely rewritten, if not abolished, and what revisionist liberal judges continually strive to do and have been successful lately in landmark cases.

According to another blogger on Blogspot in his Blog, Unqualified Reservations, he asserts that: "Progressivism is obviously entropic and it's enemy is order. Progressives instinctively despise formality, authority, and hierarchy." Formality, authority, hierarchy and traditional values are all hallmarks of traditional American values and conservative thinking! I conceptualize a critical tipping point in a culture/nation as the equilibrium point between order and disorder. According to the second Law of Thermodynamics (Heat/Energy Laws), equilibrium can never be fully established because entropy/disorder is always increasing in a system and that is why we traditionalists must work harder to slow down cultural disorder in the form of Progressivism , anarchy, and Socialism. Anarchy groups have been increasing lately disguised as Green Groups among college students, an alarming trend much like the 60's, and we have a progressive administration so we traditionalists must input more energy just to maintain a state of near equilibrium as possible which fluctuates with time. According to the Entropy Law, it doesn't take much change to push to increased disorder - the economic meltdown in '09 as a perfect example.

Political scientists have long used entropy considerations:
In 2001, American social scientist Carl Boggs used the term political entropy as a metaphor for, what he describes as, “the deep sense of political malaise that gripped American society in the 1990s—a malaise deeply rooted in historical processes that have given rise to unprecedented levels of popular distrust, hostility, and alienation toward the political system, politicians, and indeed ‘politics’ in general”, signified by a less than 25 percent public confidence in the federal government during this period. He goes on to state: “measured by virtually any set of criteria, the political system is in a (potentially terminal) state of entropy, out of touch with the needs and aspirations of the vast majority of people; citizenship—its rights and obligations—has decayed beyond recognition.” See: Political Entropy and American Decline,Cerny, P.G., Millennium - Journal of International Studies.1989; 18: 47-63.

Many economists use entropy considerations in their analyses:

One of the most rational voices on the right, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, sees American decline and the end of American ascendancy as the result of political choices we have made. These days it won't take much to push way past the political and economic tipping point to more chaos - another large terrorist attack, a deeper depression, another war, another filibuster proof Democratic majority in the senate or another economic meltdown. We were close to that point in 2009 but survived because huge amounts of money was required to restore balance consequently the order before the crash will never be restored due to considerable financial chaos and loss of jobs among the citizens which will never be restored. Many have dramatically changed their politics accordingly, mostly to the right, and this can breed revolution. The French Revolution is a good example how anarchy and disorder can change a political system overnight and then slowly drift into socialism. These days the Tea Party Movement hints of anarchy largely from the right because many of them advocate ditching the entire congress and administration and replacing them with "true conservatives" - a very unrealistic mission. This is somewhat alarming because many of them are rabid with anger, have financial backing and some have small arsenals at home and not afraid to use them if backed into a corner. The filibuster proof majority the Democrats enjoyed before the Massachusetts election of Scott Brown was a dangerous point and was critical to eliminate in order to restore near equilibrium. Fortunately, many independents, Blue Dog and Southern Democrats realized this untenable situation and voted Republican and will again in November so we have bought some more valuable time.

The American culture has been rapidly declining since the a major tipping point in the 1960's when the youthful cultural revolution occurred. Secular Progressivism got a foothold in Universities and it spread quickly through the hippie movement where many modern activists/domestic terrorists like William Ayers, Obama's Chicago acquaintance, and other secular progressives began their journey. We balanced that crucial tipping point with the election of Reagan for a few years but the S-P movement slowly crept along through the 70's and 80's in the universities and among the elite intellectuals even though it resulted in the downfall of communism in the USSR. It exploded in the 90's during the Clinton years and George Bush couldn't slow it down much due to the distraction of two wars and the anti war movement from the left. Liberal university professors are still proselytizing our students to follow in their footsteps with anti war and anti American traditional values propaganda and this became very evident in the last election when the younger vote came out in mass for the Democratic ticket due to massive social networking trends which older more conservative voters didn't follow.
I believe we are at another critical tipping point now as evidenced on the secular/religious side by the S-Ps and atheists winning court cases involving controversial church/state issues with the help of the ACLU and on the political side the election of a progressive president and our current political culture war between left and right in congress and as evidenced by movements like the Tea Party Group. if the S-Ps succeed and keep the current administration in power for seven more years it may be too late and entropy/disorder will prevail and we will be beyond the tipping point forever. The result will be a European socialistic economy and culture sooner than we anticipated. There will be a point where conservatives will lose the culture war but they may well prevail assuming the Massachusetts bombshell election was a sign and the November elections will shift the system back to near equilibrium for at least two years. Beyond that we must continue to try and reverse the inevitable entropic tendency toward cultural disorder in order to maintain the traditional American Dream for our children as long as we can and avoid their European Progressive Worst Nightmare. I don't think most of us want our grandchildren going to a future Northpark/Dallas mall with a red light district, hash bar, and a medical pot shop! February, 2010

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A Rare Conservative College Teacher

This teacher is truly a genius! An economics professor at a college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had once failed an entire class.That class had insisted that socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.The professor then said, "OK, we will have an experiment in this class on socialism". All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A. After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B.
The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little. The second test average was a D!
No one was happy. When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F.
The scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else. All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed. Could not be any simpler than that. (Please pass this on)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Ultimate Analogy-Conservative and Liberal Celebrities and Politicians Related to Atomic Theory and Reactivity

The conservative right and the liberal left political movements in this country are becoming highly polarized due in part to political pundits and politician’s viewpoints on the war, economy, jobs, social and moral/religious issues.

Compare and contrast the two primary models of atomic theory – the Bohr/Rutherford and the Quantum mechanical models and relate them to the two political movements – which model is the best fit with which movement? Explain your choice in detail with metaphor, illustrations,etc.

Example: I believe the conservative movement is more historically stable in traditional simple understandable terms much like the Bohr/Rutherford model and the Liberal movement is more socially progressive, complex and random(entropic) like the Quantum Mechanical Model. It seems to me you can usually spot the liberals in a group - they seem more random/abstract dynamic personalities and their dress, lifestyle, dysfunctional family life and manners usually give them away much like the reactivity of Chlorine. Obvious examples are the Clintons and Edwards and the John Edwards scandal is becoming thermonuclear with a long half life. He may have made Kennedy look like a firecracker if he had become president.

The conservatives usually seem to be more stable, concrete and have less dysfunctional family life like a very stable atom like Helium althogh there have been several notable exceptions lately like the 2 Love Govs - they must have been a rare unstable radioactive Helium atoms with short half lives that spontaneously decayed. They were attracted by some very reactive fast moving female like atoms with alot of kinetic energy and one could pole dance and the other one could Tango! In the atomic world the fastest dancing atoms react faster and create stronger bonds, but often times short lived bonds depending on the agressive male like atoms.

Use the following politicians/pundits/celebs or your personal favorites or least favorites and Atomic Theory Models to make your arguments and points! There are cases where a liberal and conservative can actually bond and survive like the Carvilles and Schwarzeneggars much like Sodium reacting with Chlorine to form stable salt. Other couples of the same political persuasion seem to combine combine explosively like the Clintons and Kennedys especially when the men atoms want to combine with a variety of atoms like Fluorine does and keep on reacting for years! Consult the Perodic Table
for compatible/incompatible pairs of atoms and compare with the list below.

On the Left:

John Kerry/Mrs. John Heinz Kerry
Bill/Hilary Clinton
Barack/Michelle Obama
John F. Kennedy
Ted Kennedy
Lyndon B. Johnson
Michael Moore
James Carville
Barbara Streisand
The Baldwin Brothers
Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins
Dixie Chicks
Jane Fonda/Gore Vidal
George Carlin
Maria(Kennedy) Shriver (Mrs. Schwarzeneggar)
Obama's cabinet
members of Congress
Al Franken aka Stuart Smalley
Barney Frank
Harry Reid
Dennis Kuchinik
Nancy Pelosi

On the Right:

George W. Bush/Laura Bush
George H. Bush/Barbara Bush
Dick Cheney/Lynn Cheney
Ronald/Nancy Reagan
Bush’s Cabinet
Members of Congress
John Boehner
Scott Brown
Newt Gingrich
Kay Bailey Hutchinson
Mary Madeleine Carville
Mitt Romney
Shawn Hannity
Bill O’Reilly
Rush Limbaugh
Robert Novack
Tucker Carlson
Ann Coulter
Charleton Heston
Mel Gibson
Clint Eastwood
Tom Selleck
John Wayne
Arnold Schwarzeneggar

This was a lesson given to my Talented and Gifted Chemistry Class at Highland Park High School Dallas, Tx in 2002. There was a good mix of liberal and conservative students and we had some lively discussions!

Liberal Domination on American College Faculties

I have discovered a very active organization dedicated to reversing the leftist/socialist domination of American university faculties and their continued indoctrination and unfair treatment of all students while focusing on conservative students:( It was organized by David Horowitz, A reformed socialist/activist in the 60's who is now a conservative author/teacher.
In a new report the ratio of liberal to conservative professors is 30 to 1 (97%). They preach multiculturalism, academic freedom and human rights/equality above all else yet their reading lists, assignments, lectures and even grading is extremely biased to their leftist agenda. They hire only liberal peers and overlook very bright conservative candidates who are also as well read as their liberal counterparts. I emphasize the well read qualification because several of my liberal teacher friends have indicated their arrogant bias to me when I have asked them why most English and Humanities teachers are liberal. Their universal reply is: Liberals are well read! I suppose that makes all us southern conservatives a bunch of dumb-___ redneck good ole' boys/girls! That is certainly the attitude of the fraternity of college profs who only let their peers into their secret society. I could give you a long list of well read conservative practicing doctors, scientists, lawyers, teachers, preachers, politicians(easy these days) and humanitarians who have actually made a real impact on our planet, not standing in their bully pulpits proselytizing young students in leftist/liberal philosophy. Well that is all about to change! This very heroic organization has several class action suits in progress (without the ACLU) and several profs have preached their sacred tenure into jeopardy. You conservative students need to join and support this group so that we can change that absurd skewed 97% leftist/conservative ratio to closer to 50:50, then and only then can we have a truly politically and academically balanced University system.

Rampant European Multiculturalism, Political Entropy and Chaos

According to Jeremy Rifkin in his ground breaking book, Entropy, cultural disorder and chaos will continue to dilute and eventually destroy all national European identity /culture. The goal of Islam is to convert all of Europe into an Islamic Empire and they have a strong foothold in France and other nations. Can you imagine Italian cities with no local flavor, but sterile, neo modern, monolithic, socialistic, eutopian, possibly Islamic urban renewed condocities with a Starbucks on every corner with no real four flavor gelati and Spumante? New political parties from the left and illegal aliens will bring increased chaos, civil disorder which will inevitably will cause Europe to evolve into one nation and one national identity, the goal of the secular progressives! France, England and Spain have already felt the effects of an exploding Muslim population and the attempt to impose Sharia Law in certain sectors, a very alarming trend. The Europeans have let it slip past the tipping point and they will pay a high price before the final Jihad unless they take care of the problem soon before the Muslims are a majority, which is their goal!.

To a degree, California has suffered through a similar destructive period due to illegal influx and, consequently, its social, medical, welfare, and educational systems have been stretched beyond their limits. Fortunately, Arnold the Terminator may be able to slow down some of this entropy! That is what we conservatives do - attempt to regain some of the entropy equilibrium that ultimately shifts toward disorder in every republic as it slips more toward a liberal/secular society. We conservatives have a very important responsibility to ward off the socialist/secular forces and maintain one of the longest surviving democractic republics in the history of mankind although we are over that critical 200 year stable lifetime. According to the Rifkin analogy, it appears that the dilution of American cultural values is inevitable - we conservatives must preserve it at all costs as long as possible. The hard-core liberal progressives advocate absolutely no borders which would result in an extremely diluted American value system due to extreme influx of illegal aliens who refuse to blend into American culture and speak English and therefore create a subsequent extreme burden on state and national welfare systems. Remember, conservatives attempt to shift the equilibrium back to order once it has tilted toward chaos/maximum entropy. California has tilted so far to the left that it could be relocated to Europe and after the BIG ONE. It might break off and float off the continent and then a thousand tug boats could take it to Europe and cement it on! I'm sure we all miss the Hollywood liberals and all those great movies they have produced lately like the Inglorious Basterds with tons of entropy and chaos!! it is up for an academy award with 9 other stellar movies, some of which are worthy! I didn't like Brad Pitt's phony southern accent - not believable! The blonde girl was great- she deserves the oscar!
After this argument, how can anyone doubt that the Entropy Law does not apply to cultural, political, and economic problems!! Originally published in 2002, revised in 2010

Problems with Applying Scientific Principles to the Theory of Socio Political Entropy

David Silva and Annie Wyman – sophomore students in my Talented and Gifted Chemistry class, 2002, Highland Park High School, Dallas,Texas
Order and Chaos/Entropy
Problems of Applying Scientific Principles to the Theory of Socio Political Entropy
The Second law of Thermodynamics indicates that everything in the universe will revert back to its most simplistic form, be it sand, dust, molecules, or eventually atoms. This law predicts what may be called an Armageddon Principle of Entropy: that the universe will eventually end by the degeneration of all matter into its ultimate irreducible subatomic particles. Unfortunately, as intriguing a theory as this may be, some have tried to use the history of human society as proof of the validity of the Second Law, or to argue the Second Law explains why human societies degenerate.
Deceptive evidence for this argument include the conflicts experienced in the Middle East at present, the fall of Rome and its split into contemporary nations, and, on a more basic level, what would be appear to be growing dissent among citizens of every nation. However, as compelling and convincing as these may initially be, the inherent logic in any argument of this sort is flawed. The Second Law dictates only that all matter will eventually revert back to its natural state of chaos. It is based on scientific studies that satisfactorily prove that at some point, equilibrium in matter, and the forces that maintain the bonds of atoms, will eventually collapse in favor of a more suitable arrangement, chaos, through a process called entropy. However, no such analogous
studies exist of human social systems using scientific standards. While it is indeed serendipitous that human social evolution for the time being seems to follow the Second Law, there is no evidence that the Second Law has anything to do with the course of human social constructs.
It is important to understand that proponents are not merely saying that the Second Law and the behavior of human societies offer an interesting analogy, but rather that the Second Law causes such behavior. But, if that were the case, one would have to show how matter breaking down into its component parts could cause societies to fall as well. Since the Second Law does not require that humans break down in the short run, though it could perhaps account for a cataclysmic explosion of a single human body into its component atoms, it is thus inapplicable. Rather, for this side of the argument to be supported, it would be necessary to prove that the affinity of atoms to chaos fuels a human behavioral desire to an analogous chaos, shown in the fall of nations.
Current political tension in Afghanistan coupled with the Israeli- Palestinian and Indo-Pak conflicts and others have led many to believe that the tenuous order between all nation states is on the verge of collapse. Although current political institutions are perhaps strained and may fall, this does not mean that a new order will not arise in their place; human history would suggest that humans are inclined not only to destroy governments but to create them in a cyclical fashion whereas molecules are inclined to simply destroy their order through an eventual entropy and remain in that state.
The evolution of human society is one of ups and downs, where nations rise and fall as a matter of practicality and favorable conditions. The Second Law of
Thermodynamics does little to account for this. In mathematics, a graph may be made showing any increasing rate using a Cartesian coordinate system. A field of study that is based on a strictly chemical level will indeed show the rise of entropy with a rising line because that field is the only valid one for that idea. Even the most simplified graph of human history would show spikes and valleys unexplainable through the Second Law. However, this in itself is illogical. No comparison can be made in scope between two equations with entirely different variables and criteria.
The population of the city of Rome held within its boundaries a population of three million, eight hundred nine thousand, eight hundred and twenty-nine in December of 1 999. The most commonly accepted date for the founding of Rome is April 21 , 753 BCE, at which time the city could not have included more than a few hundred people. If, for the sake of argument, the number is set at an outrageously large estimate, perhaps one thousand, then the population of this region has increased byabout four thousand fold in three thousand years. By even these simple calculations, it can be asserted that despite the Roman Empire’s decline, the city of Rome has experienced the sort of exponential growth globally evident on a planet that contains six billion individuals. The city of Rome and the population of the greater Roman Empire demonstrate that despite differing political conditions, humans show an incredible affinity for population concentration and reproduction that molecules cannot achieve.
The Second Law of Thermodynamics exists simultaneously with another accepted theorem called the Law of Conservation of Matter, which states that it is impossible to create or destroy matter. The amount of ingredients available to create a universe, a planet or elements to form a compound is fixed and unchanging. Humans, although they are composed of matter, are not subject to this rule the way atoms are. A human being may create a dozen other humans in its lifetime, or it may kill a dozen. A molecule cannot reproduce the way a human can, and it does not possess the power to annihilate, only change. The phenomenon of consciousness can be destroyed and created, multiplied and subtracted the way no molecule can, placing human beings in an entirely separate category than non-living matter. This invalidation of the Law of Conservation of Matter towards human life also invalidates its kin in the scientific community, including the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
Apart from these reasons, consider the following analogy. For the sake of clarity it has been truncated, thus it does not account for entropy on a subatomic level and miscellaneous human developments such as individual forms of government and ideology; however, this simplification does not affect its validity.
At room temperature entropy drives the following process which occurs spontaneously:
H20 (ice, low entropy, high order) melts to H2O (liquid, more entropy, less order) evaporates to vapor (more entropy, more disorder) finally, after a very long period of time to separate H and O atoms (maximum entropy, maximum disorder). Compare this molecular change to the following cultural change which implies cultural entropy increasing with time:
A Unified World (maximum order) to independent nation states to hunting gathering societies to solitary existence (minimum order)
The Second law dictates solid water as ice will revert to liquid, then to water vapor, and finally into two free hydrogen atoms and one free oxygen atom (it is more efficient for solid ice to convert to gas than for gaseous water vapor to freeze and then sublime.) Were this principle to be applied to a socio-political decay like the one given above, it would seem that the world order, if one would ever truly exist, would break down back into independent nation states similar to the status quo, then into the hunting and gathering societies, and finally into a world populated by solitary beings. However, at this point, one hits a brick wall. The final phase in this example can never be proven because if human society was ever broken down to a point where each individual existed utterly
independent of every other, that generation would end with the extinction of the species, and so we would never know the result.
Analogies such as these can be made ad infinitum or ad nauseam, as likewise analogies can be made to practically anything else in the world. For example, Gorbachev’s characteristic epidermal discoloration could be compared to the appearance of red blood cells in patients with sickle cell anemia or a map of Europe.
Hence, one must base their opinion on the factual evidence indicated, and the theoretical presumptions that are prone to agree with it. This in mind, one is inclined to believe that while the Second Law of Thermodynamics is valid as applied to its original context, it is totally unrelated to the possible degeneration of human society or even a singular human being. Rather, chemical entropy and socio-political progress could be likened to parallel lines or even parallel waves. Both move in much the same manner when viewed at an angle that is perhaps too convenient and contrived to be believable. However, these similarities occur for entirely different reasons for the two lines never intersect, save perhaps at the beginning of time and at the eventual end, if indeed they even lie on the same plane.

These talented and gifted students were exceptionally gifted and were challenged to write a rebuttal to my political/science essays and they did a superb job! I miss teaching these bright students - they are the true hope of our future!

Open Borders and Increasing Cultural/Economic Chaos

According to Jeremy Rifkin in his ground breaking book, Entropy, rampant multiculturalism in Europe will continue to dilute and eventually destroy all national European identity and national culture and don't think it can't happen here.

To a degree, California has suffered through a similar destructive period due to illegal immigration and, consequently, its social, medical, welfare, and educational systems have been stretched beyond their limits and they want the other states and feds to bail them out. Read my lips - Not NO but HELL NO! I don't even think Obama will do that because if he does he will be a one term president for sure. Let them pay for there liberal sins and work it out
The California and Texas prisons are full and dangerous felons, many of which are illegal aliens we pay to incarcerate, are being released early only to become repeat offenders and return! Mexican drug lord controlled gangs are attacking police, kidnapping Americans and wealthy Mexicans for ransom both across and on this side of the border. Fortunately, Arnold the Terminator may be able to slow down some of this chaos in California. That is what we conservatives do - attempt to regain some of the redistributed wealth and bureaucratic waste that ultimately shifts toward disorder in every republic as it slips more toward a liberal/secular society. We Texas/American conservatives have a very important responsibility to ward off the socialist/secular wolves and maintain one of the longest surviving democratic republics in the history of mankind. By the way, Because of a conservative governor, largely conservative citizens with traditional values, business practices and no income tax, Texas is one of four states in the black in 2010 and actually has a surplus. The liberal "Green" proposed Cap and Trade bill would lower that surplus and would hurt the Texas Oil and Gas industry and thousands of jobs lost! A similar socialistic policy in Spain has almost bankrupted the country because of the traditional jobs lost! Again more disorder injected into a nation by irresponsible progressive policies! According to the Rifkin analogy, it appears that the dilution of American cultural values is inevitable - we conservatives must preserve it at all costs as long as possible. The hard-core liberal progressives, as a U. of Texas professor so declared this week, advocate absolutely no borders! Such a reckless policy would result in an extremely diluted American value system due to extreme influx of illegal aliens and a subsequent extreme burden on state and national welfare and educational systems not to mention wartime security problems. Sometimes I think these liberal college professors never read the papers nor watch the news because they stay in their ivory towers all day/night dreaming about the utopian Marxist society. We consequently now have a crisis in Texas where we taxpayers are funding medical care for millions of illegal aliens at hospitals/clinics where they get free medical care. This is driving up the cost of taxpaying citizens' care, contributing to the overcrowding in emergency rooms and hospitals and placing a strain on medical providers.

Can you imagine how chaotic it would be with open borders? As is the case in modern socialistic Canada, there would be people dying in emergency rooms after waiting hours to see a doctor. Recently, my 96 year old father -in-law, with abdominal pain, had to wait in a crowded Tyler, TX emergency room for 5 hours before seeing a doctor. I will not elaborate on his down home East Texas explanation as to why he waited so long, because it would be extremely politically incorrect. He has a right to be angry - he worked 45 years in the Texas oil fields 7 days a week for months at a time and earned his medical insurance which apparently did not help him this time! This was to me a clear indicator of the coming crisis because Tyler has an excellent reputation as a major Texas medical facility and many people retire there for that reason! Between the outrageous malpractice insurance doctors pay driven by greedy, mostly liberal personal injury lawyers and maxed out patient loads imposed by out of control HMO's and welfare cases, many talented doctors are leaving the profession! I recently talked to an ex-student of mine, who is a celebrated neurosurgeon in Fort Worth, and he said that he could barely afford his other bills after paying his malpractice insurance. I am fully aware that this problem is not exclusively an immigration one, but that many working citizens with families cannot afford high medical insurance. We must fix this problem ASAP, or we will all be forced to become our own homeopathic physicians relying on our home grown herbs/medicinals, which after some consideration, may not be a bad thing as we may actually live longer and happier! If the liberals have their way, we may have medicinal pot shops at Northpark Mall in Dallas like in San Francisco in the not too distant future. At least President Obama is attempting to reason with the insurance and medical communities and to fix the problem now but he continues to reject Republican ideas that would balance the healthcare system and not reduce Medicare benefits for seniors. Remember, conservatives attempt to shift the equilibrium back to stability once it has tilted toward chaos/maximum entropy. I can say with experience that Medicare is working for me and others as is - so don't you liberals screw it up! Apparently Mayo Clinic no longer takes Medicare patients over a certain age due to cutbacks in payments and the bill hasn't passed yet. After this argument, how can anyone doubt that the Entropy Law does truly apply to cultural, political, economic problems!! If you would like to learn more about the very important Entropy law which controls our lives health and deaths, read the next essay!

Diamonds to Dust and Beyond - Entropic Doomsday

The Second Law of Thermodynamics is very important scientific explanation for the behavior of both large and small molecular systems, in particular, the energy change and disorder that occurs in the system with time. According to the Law, all molecular systems will eventually degrade to maximum disorder (entropy). The entire universe will eventually achieve this condition at some distant time the cosmologists call “Entropic Doomsday”. The stars will all burnout, energy will be very diffuse and scattered, all matter will be reduced to simple atomic and molecular particles and there will be no life as we know it unless we can develop a system by which we can reverse the second law. Most physicists agree that it is impossible to reverse the second law. New generations of physicist/theologians believe that it would require theological intervention or a miracle. It is however possible to slow down the inevitable decay with constraints on the energy flowing into and out of large molecular systems. We humans are large macromolecular systems that generally follow the second law during our birth - life and — death cycle. Apparently our evolution was the result of islands of molecular order which slowly established themselves within the disorder by feeding off the ebbing and flowing of energy with the arrow of time. A thunderstorm developing out of an apparently calm, clear, orderly day is an example of this phenomenon, even though it is a short-lived event compared to most evolutionary trends which become inherent in the organism if they contribute to the survival of the species over a very long period for most organisms. New traits have actually been shown to occur in certain moth species in a measurable relatively short period of time as a defensive mechanism in the form of new coloration patterns evolving to protect themselves from predators. The moths seem to be in charge of their destiny by changing their colors at will. The actual fact is that the patterns are varied within the species and the ones which most closely matches the bark of the tree on which they land will blend into the predator’s field of vision and thus will survive to procreate and pass the new coloration genes to the offspring. This is Natural Selection at it’s fastest pace, and an exception to the general trend in animals. Bacteria do this at a very fast pace. When exposed to new antibiotics, they quickly develop resistance to them, partly because of the very large numbers in an exponentially increasing colony of bacteria and the fluctuating genetic pool which must quickly change in small numbers of them for them to be able to survive.
The Law clearly states the general trend is for molecular systems to decline with time. Organic evolution at first notice seems to defy this principle, but upon closer investigation, it has been shown that molecular systems can develop from simple molecules to more complex macromolecular systems to multi cellular organisms in a relatively short period of time if the available pool of energy is flowing into the system in its temporary more ordered molecular island state in the sea of disorder. Once the organism is given birth and grows, the second law begins to overcome and the slow aging process begins to take effect. If we could find a way to reverse the Law we could in fact slow down the aging process and live longer lives if not become immortal. Modem medical practices such as gene replacement and cloning of more genetically perfect organisms are attempts to slow down the disorder introduced when cells replicate themselves billions of times and are bombarded with environmental factors during growth.
According to relativity considerations matter and energy can be converted from one form to the other and therefore matter simply being a form of potential energy slowed down from the speed of light also conforms to the second law. Matter will become more diffuse and disordered with time and therefore this leads to the inevitable decay of all forms of matter over the millennia. An obvious example of this is the slow decay of diamonds to graphite. Diamonds are certainly not forever as the song might imply because the older diamonds are smokier and more grey due to the presence of graphite in the molecular structure. Younger diamonds tend to be more valuable because they’re more clear and stronger due to the absence of graphite. The more ordered crystalline molecular structure of diamond slowly breaks down and changes to the less crystalline, less perfect more disordered molecular graphite( pencil lead).Diamond and graphite are simply different molecular structures of the element carbon with a huge difference in price tag per gram. Zirconium oxide crystals (Zircons) would be a much better alternative economically for young couples getting married, and the zircons would outlast diamonds tenfold! Zircons could become the groom’s best friend?- sounds like a new version of the old tune Marilyn made famous. Marilyn would have left any man if given a zircon! The DeBeers monopoly on the diamond market has changed most women’s thinking forever. Who knows, possibly a future zircon monopoly and subsequent increase in price could establish zircons as the hallmark for engagement rings. Men don’t count on this anytime soon - social conventions don’t change easily with time. Logic and economics does not usually play a role in the feminine mystique of jewelry and the rite of marriage? - the bigger, the better! This analogy probably raises the question in the reader’s mind where I am headed with this diamond thing? See the next essay!

Atomic Immortality and Entropy - A Millennium Essay

During the first few millennia after the dawn of Creation, simple atoms began forming from pure cosmic energy and their parent subatomic particles as the profound words "Let there be Light" imply in the first chapter of Genesis. Intense light is always a by-product of particle formation from energy. In their desperate attempt to become more stable, very soon they began to rearrange their electrons in order to achieve more stable forms as ions (+/- charged atoms). The noble gaseous atoms were inherently close to immortal by virtue of their stability at birth from their aristocratic chemical genetics, achieving either an octet of electrons(8) as in neon(Ne) or a duet(2) in helium(He), the magical arrangement for atomic and chemical stability. If Hitler had received the helium he requested from Roosevelt to replace dangerous hydrogen, the fate of the Hindenburg would have been much different. By the way, very soon you can have a hydrogen powered car. How ‘bout a little test drive? I’m sure the hydrogen is stable enough for a fender bender, assuming no static electricity is produced and the hydrogen stays contained!
The humble proton, having a 1xE20 year lifetime, was created in the first few days of Genesis by the marriage of the correct number of three quarks frozen out of cosmic energy at just the right intensity to give to proton’s apparent immortality. There will be some protons in the universe at entropic doomsday (1xE20 years), several cycles of the Big Bang expansion/contraction, not quite eternity! What about the longevity of the common chemical elements we deal with on a daily basis? Helium, neon and argon will certainly be among the last to move to an assisted living condo for elderly atoms. They have no social life - they never bond! How dull their monastic life must be; in the latter days, floating around the cosmos as antisocial loners with only one possible exception (1). Which elements have judiciously inherited the shortest lifetimes? It is the radioactive isotopes which can last only microseconds or less and then subsequently decay to a more stable group of atoms/particles - a sort of indirect reincarnation for their isotopic children. Except for a tiny number of the most stable radioactive atoms with the longest half-lives, they and their children will be long gone after 1xE20 years.
The theological question is: As most dogmatic religions teach, must atomic particles earn their immortality as humans do or is ita God-given right? Has a just God(2) long decided which well-behaved particles achieve immortality and which unstable ones will be recycled as pure energy, "Chemical Nirvana" ,according to E=mc2 (energy = mass times the speed of light squared, see 3 below) or as some lowly photons hopelessly radiating through outer space at light speed to absolutely no where - a sort of "atomic hades" - total separation from God and other stable well-behaved atoms and particles which reside forever in "atomic paradise".
According to Einstein, the theological/metaphysical answer is not based on a game of chance, such as dice. God, as the original physicist who defined all laws of Creation, built into the universe a variety of possibilities in the subatomic world with certain sets of particles and certain allowed lighter particle combinations forged from pure energy at the Creation and continuing to be created today in stellar explosions ultimately manifested as the heavier natural elements up to uranium. Does "let their be light" sound scientifically logical to you? The conversion of energy to matter and vice-versa is the key to the Genesis process, then and now! Mass is continually being created from energy - supernova creation of heavy elements all over the universe which can actually be observed over a relatively short period of time by spectroscopic observation of emerging light from the newly formed atoms of elements. A very apparent conversion of concentrated mass to large amounts of energy is the explosion of an atomic/thermonuclear bomb when heavy atoms are split or fused with a relatively high % of mass converted to dangerous very high energetic forms of radiation such as gamma rays. Again, the conversion is defined by E=mc2, which apparently implies a two way street as it is reversible and could be written mc2 =E.
The fusion of protons/neutrons into the nucleus of an isotope at atomic birth ultimately determines its chance for long life - a ratio of protons/neutrons which is out of this magic range will force radioactive atoms to an untimely death - a sort of atomic purgatory, before nuclear decay, to more stable children (isotopes/particles/photons) in a time frame which is not predictable for single atoms, only communities, according to probability rules.
The various chemical combinations of more stable isotopes have become our biosphere and after along awaited incarnation, man himself! Every compound in our planet’s crust and oceans is made from the most stable combinations of atoms, ions and molecules. As an example: an important electrolyte of life - sodium chloride. Sodium and chloride atoms were born fairly early after Genesis because of their relatively low mass and atomic number. Because of their high reactivity due to low ionization energies and unpaired electrons, it was early on, a match made in "Atomic Heaven". Every chloride atom that sodium atom could find gained an electron from sodium and they became "a happily married ion pair" and achieved virtual immortality. This explains why NaC1 is so pervasive in our biosphere. Stable ionic compounds with relatively low entropy are everywhere in the seas and the earth’s crust. (CaCO3,FeO,AL2O3).
Covalent (organic) compounds such as glucose and DNA. are chemically less stable and due to inherent molecular entropy much more likely to degrade with time. Organic macromolecular living systems invariably die and degrade to simpler more stable organic/inorganic compounds such as carbon dioxide or water. There is a slim but fairly good chance that each time you take a breath of air you inhale a CO2 or H2O molecule that Jesus Christ, Beethoven, Einstein, or Marilyn Monroe exhaled because CO2 and H2O are thermally stable covalent compounds (long lifetime). Their predominance in cellular respiration products confirms this. CO2 abundance may be responsible for global warming. If only CO2 had been more unstable in the eyes of God! Global warming must be part of the plan for the new millennium. Colorado, Jackson Hole, or North Carolina is looking real good to me for retirement -wherever the "holy trout" reside.
By the way, 007 (James Bond) is dead wrong! Diamonds (Sp3 carbon - covalent network molecules) are not forever! The diamond structure is an unstable arrangement and due to subtle entropy changes with time will slowly degrade to black graphite with higher entropy, less order. Remember the second Law says entropy always increases in molecular systems with time (older diamonds are smoky-grey due to increasing graphite). On the other hand, the less expensive, more stable cubic zirconium (ZrO)x, a synthetic gemstone, will last many millennia longer! Ladies, you must rethink this out-dated fantasy about the romantic meaning attached to a chunk of carbon which is short-lived, less refractive and durable than Zircons! Not to mention the safety factor when thieves realize the truth. If MarilynMonroe were alive today, I would rewrite her famous song to say "Zircons are a Girl?s Best Friend". I?m taking a deep breath now - maybe a (CO2/H2O) molecule from Marilyn’s last breath will randomly float into my lungs, become part of me and sustain her atomic immortality for a few more decades! If the truth were known we probably have a plethora of atoms from famous people in our bodies! If only they could communicate with us and each other, as some researchers believe they do at the nano/pico level!
I now understand the metaphysical beauty in scattering one’s ashes into the ocean - some more stable atoms truly become immortal in the ocean and biosphere in stable compounds (CaCO3,NaCl). Could immortality be available to us in various forms? If we so naively assume that the human soul can seemingly live forever, then it must be pure energy*! Everything in God’s universe must be either matter or energy - it is the Law! Again, E=mc2 is the key to understanding creation and possible immortality of the human soul(3). Some excellent evidence confirms loss of this soul energy as a loss of mass at biochemical brain death! It is possible that our more stable, well-behaved atoms, also extend our physical immortality? Dual immortality - twice as nice! I wonder how many famous people are physically reincarnated into my beautiful long lived, six month blooming, California-born, golden Phalaenopsis Orchid...bathed in early spring sunlight in the corner of my room? ........................ Hello, Norma Jean!
1. Actually Xenon, due to it's relative reactivity, can have a temporary social life under extreme conditions! It can be forced to form the compounds XeF2, XeF4 with fluorine, an extremely socially active element. These are very unstable compounds and Xenon atoms will eventually become anti-social again by divorcing fluorine atoms in order to regain it's preferred monastic life.
2. God is whomever you perceive Him/Her to be, depending on your religious training, or very simply the original creator/physicist who created all the physical Laws of nature which drive creation (Genesis) even to this day!
3. (E=mc2) is a simple Einsteinian equation where E is energy, m is mass and c2 is the speed of light squared in a vacuum. It defines the Law of Conservation of mass and energy which explains the balance and conversion of Mass and Energy in the Universe for all time, for Eternity, no matter how long that might be!
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