Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Open Borders and Increasing Cultural/Economic Chaos

According to Jeremy Rifkin in his ground breaking book, Entropy, rampant multiculturalism in Europe will continue to dilute and eventually destroy all national European identity and national culture and don't think it can't happen here.

To a degree, California has suffered through a similar destructive period due to illegal immigration and, consequently, its social, medical, welfare, and educational systems have been stretched beyond their limits and they want the other states and feds to bail them out. Read my lips - Not NO but HELL NO! I don't even think Obama will do that because if he does he will be a one term president for sure. Let them pay for there liberal sins and work it out
The California and Texas prisons are full and dangerous felons, many of which are illegal aliens we pay to incarcerate, are being released early only to become repeat offenders and return! Mexican drug lord controlled gangs are attacking police, kidnapping Americans and wealthy Mexicans for ransom both across and on this side of the border. Fortunately, Arnold the Terminator may be able to slow down some of this chaos in California. That is what we conservatives do - attempt to regain some of the redistributed wealth and bureaucratic waste that ultimately shifts toward disorder in every republic as it slips more toward a liberal/secular society. We Texas/American conservatives have a very important responsibility to ward off the socialist/secular wolves and maintain one of the longest surviving democratic republics in the history of mankind. By the way, Because of a conservative governor, largely conservative citizens with traditional values, business practices and no income tax, Texas is one of four states in the black in 2010 and actually has a surplus. The liberal "Green" proposed Cap and Trade bill would lower that surplus and would hurt the Texas Oil and Gas industry and thousands of jobs lost! A similar socialistic policy in Spain has almost bankrupted the country because of the traditional jobs lost! Again more disorder injected into a nation by irresponsible progressive policies! According to the Rifkin analogy, it appears that the dilution of American cultural values is inevitable - we conservatives must preserve it at all costs as long as possible. The hard-core liberal progressives, as a U. of Texas professor so declared this week, advocate absolutely no borders! Such a reckless policy would result in an extremely diluted American value system due to extreme influx of illegal aliens and a subsequent extreme burden on state and national welfare and educational systems not to mention wartime security problems. Sometimes I think these liberal college professors never read the papers nor watch the news because they stay in their ivory towers all day/night dreaming about the utopian Marxist society. We consequently now have a crisis in Texas where we taxpayers are funding medical care for millions of illegal aliens at hospitals/clinics where they get free medical care. This is driving up the cost of taxpaying citizens' care, contributing to the overcrowding in emergency rooms and hospitals and placing a strain on medical providers.

Can you imagine how chaotic it would be with open borders? As is the case in modern socialistic Canada, there would be people dying in emergency rooms after waiting hours to see a doctor. Recently, my 96 year old father -in-law, with abdominal pain, had to wait in a crowded Tyler, TX emergency room for 5 hours before seeing a doctor. I will not elaborate on his down home East Texas explanation as to why he waited so long, because it would be extremely politically incorrect. He has a right to be angry - he worked 45 years in the Texas oil fields 7 days a week for months at a time and earned his medical insurance which apparently did not help him this time! This was to me a clear indicator of the coming crisis because Tyler has an excellent reputation as a major Texas medical facility and many people retire there for that reason! Between the outrageous malpractice insurance doctors pay driven by greedy, mostly liberal personal injury lawyers and maxed out patient loads imposed by out of control HMO's and welfare cases, many talented doctors are leaving the profession! I recently talked to an ex-student of mine, who is a celebrated neurosurgeon in Fort Worth, and he said that he could barely afford his other bills after paying his malpractice insurance. I am fully aware that this problem is not exclusively an immigration one, but that many working citizens with families cannot afford high medical insurance. We must fix this problem ASAP, or we will all be forced to become our own homeopathic physicians relying on our home grown herbs/medicinals, which after some consideration, may not be a bad thing as we may actually live longer and happier! If the liberals have their way, we may have medicinal pot shops at Northpark Mall in Dallas like in San Francisco in the not too distant future. At least President Obama is attempting to reason with the insurance and medical communities and to fix the problem now but he continues to reject Republican ideas that would balance the healthcare system and not reduce Medicare benefits for seniors. Remember, conservatives attempt to shift the equilibrium back to stability once it has tilted toward chaos/maximum entropy. I can say with experience that Medicare is working for me and others as is - so don't you liberals screw it up! Apparently Mayo Clinic no longer takes Medicare patients over a certain age due to cutbacks in payments and the bill hasn't passed yet. After this argument, how can anyone doubt that the Entropy Law does truly apply to cultural, political, economic problems!! If you would like to learn more about the very important Entropy law which controls our lives health and deaths, read the next essay!

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