Tuesday, March 25, 2014


THESIS: The proven laws of Nature and Physics strictly define that everything in the Universe is either Matter or Energy! They can be converted from one to the other according to Einstein's Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy as defined by E=MC2 and proven by nuclear fission and the Atomic Bomb and numerous other applications of Nuclear Energy. The Big Bang model for the origin of the Universe is dependent on this conversion of energy to matter and is rooted in the Genesis story of God's creation and in no way contradictory to modern Theistic Evolution or Intelligent Design! Now the difficult concept! Since the Human Soul must be energy and not tangible mass, then is follows that the soul is a Electromagnetic Quantum Field of Energy based on the fact that all energy is quantized and has a frequency and can be transmitted, tuned and received much like a light, radio or TV wave! We know that all brain activity is measured by certain frequencies, alpha, beta etc. and vary in wavelength/frequency and can be detected by EEG and MRI scans. That being true then it stands to reason that all our stored memories and persona and other aspects of our mentality that comprise our soul are energy. Since all forms of energy CANNOT BE DESTROYED but can only be converted from one form to another as verified by the Law of Conservation of Energy, I therefore propose that at biochemical brain death that energy is released as our Soul/Quantum Field of energy and can the can be transmitted to another human infant upon birth and can eventually join the pure energy field of God and attain a state of eternal bliss/consciousness or Nirvana as described by the Buddhists similar to the Christian Heaven. Now for the Karmic aspect. If a person builds a lot of positive Karma during their lifetime then the energy will be quantized and behave much like electrons in the Bohr Model of the unstable Hydrogen Atom as they jump from one energy level to the other during their climb to the outermost level and finally become an ionized proton, the hydrogen ion(H+)! Atomic particles are not immortal as they all have finite lifetimes with the proton having the longest life 1020 years! All electromagnetic energy is immortal as evidenced by light coming from distant Quasars which are older that the known universe. The light has traveled billions of light years and not changed at all or slowed down from light speed. Bohr, Planck, Heisenberg, and Schrödinger, the fathers of the Quantum Theory, studied the relationship of Quantum Mechanics to Reincarnation. and they believed there was a correlation.
Relating the Bohr Model to +/- Karmic energy. As the hydrogen atom absorbs or releases energy of a certain wavelength it's single electron jumps from one lower level to a higher one or vice versa depending on the amount of quantized energy, delta E or positive Karma. If the + energy is great enough, then the electron will jump to a higher level and then subsequent levels until it reaches it's ionization energy threshold and become a H+ ion(proton) and is released from it's earthly proton existence to live forever. This also conforms to the Buddhist concept of Nirvana equivalent to the Judeo /Christian Heaven.
This would indicate that the soul could act as an electromagnetic Quantum Field and could indeed become immortal if enough +Karmic energy is acquired after many lifetimes and then reach Nirvana. If not enough + Karma is gained in any one lifetime then the soul must be recycled back to a lower energy state and live a better more positive life before reaching immortality though a series of lives in human beings. Each lifetime builds more +Karma like the lowly electron does on it's journey to immortality! A more purely Christian interpretation might be that the Human soul simply leaves the human body upon biochemical brain death and either joins the immortal quantum field of God's energy to learn all of life's secrets if enough good Karma is built up, or if not, it is left in limbo and separated from God's light for eternity, the Judeo/Christian Hell. Google: Quantum Mechanics, Reincarnation, Karma you will find many references that support my thesis! http://www.krishnapath.org/quantum-physics-came-from-the-vedas-schrodinger-einstein-and-tesla-were-all-vedantists/ http://www.amazon.com/Physics-Soul-Quantum-Reincarnation-Immortality/dp/1571743324