Friday, April 15, 2011

The Creation Museum Hoax : Sarah Palin and Dinosaurs on a Sunday Afternoon Stroll down the Paluxy River

Fox News is advertising the new Creation Museum in LA that teaches that Men and Dinosaurs walked together on the Earth around 4,000 years ago and the Earth is no more than 6,000 years old according to Bishop Ussher's proclamation based on prophesy during the 16th Century during the Scientific Renaissance (his date for Creation was 4004 B.C.). I can see this museum being a big hit in hedonistic modern LA, perhaps as tourist trap for religious believers at the La Brea Tar Pits where many fossil remains exist much older than 4,000 years, more like tens of thousands!

This museum perpetuates unscientific myth detrimental to science education in this country and believed by fundamentalists like Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and other Tea Party presidential candidates. If they win, science education in this country could be taken back to the Dark Ages for many in private church and some public schools, assuming there are certified science teachers that would teach "Creation Science" as legitimate real science. If the Republican Party nominates a fundamentalist Creationist candidate, they will lose the next election after the first interview when they admit they believe that men and dinosaurs walked together like Sarah Palin has already admitted and consequently has made her the laughing stock of well educated people, the mainstream media and the left.

If they win the republican nomination, I will declare myself to be an independent and vote for the most intelligent pro real science candidate that will maintain legitimate science education and keep the 200 real Natural History museums funded and not the religion based Creation Museum - that would violate separation of Church and State. My prediction is that the hokey Creation Museum will close it's Dinosaur /Man exhibit as did the original Morris Creationist Museum in Glen Rose, Texas after they were exposed as fake human tracks in real dinosaur tracks from the famous Paluxy River formation! I have seen the real tracks and there were no human tracks anywhere to be seen.

I'm sorry Sarah, you might find some 4,000 year old Grizzly tracks with men in Alaskan river beds, but no Tyrannosarus Rex - he was long gone!

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