Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy, E=mc2, Applied to the Human Soul

The discussion on Christian vs Non Christian views of the afterlife is very interesting. I have something else to add. Everything in the Universe must either be matter or energy according to the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy first described by Einstein in his famous equation E=mc2 where m=mass and c2 is light speed squared. It has been proven many ways from the Atomic Bomb to huge particle accelerators making particles from energy and vice versa. It is also follows and very intuitively that the Human soul must be energy of a certain mass equivalence and frequency since it is not tangible matter. Neurological researchers have actually measured it's frequency and mass equivalence upon biochemical brain death therefore it conforms to the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy! It also follows that it must be conserved by intering a new human body at some point in development. The Hindu theologians did not understand this relationship when Reincarnation was first realized but it does actually conform to the Law! Most Non Christians believe their road to eternal life is some other path like reincarnation as in Hinduism which is actually more in line with scientific laws like the conservation of mass and energy and Quantum Mechanics? Some more science based churches like New Age/Unity believe we can adopt whatever path we choose to the afterlife and God but be sure and leave a worthwhile legacy for family and mankind! Deepak Chopra, the famous Indian philosopher and author, gave a lecture on Quantum Healing and Reincarnation at Unity Church and it made good scientific sense to me! I continue to form my personal religious philosophy, a life long pursuit, which must be rooted in Science and Theology and that is why I am an advocate of Intelligent Design/Theistic Evolution which is very compatible with most modern religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam. This is a very good analysis of Hinduism rooted in Quantum Mechanics. Check it out. these references are other analyses/explanations: