Sunday, February 5, 2012

Breast cancer prevention at Planned Parenthood - Another Acorn like Scam

It is my understanding that the cancer prevention aspect of PP is a scam and our tax money is going to be used for promotion of abortion, their primary business. It is contributing to the decline in our culture giving young women a false sense of security to be as sexually free and libidinous as they can be. As a school teacher I have witnessed that decline over the years and it is quite alarming. Their dress, behavior and language is a reflection of where we are heading - just watch a TV sitcom to see it . Jersey Shores is not far from the truth. It is very alarming! I was at North Park yesterday and learned new four letters and phrases hearing the girls talk loudly to each other. It seems like not only have the girls caught up with the boys with their expected obnoxious behavior but have far exceeded it. Sexual liberation that started in the 60s has accelerated to light speed in the new century and that is at the heart of the abortion and divorce problem fueled by Facebook and social media. Check out Ashley to see what I mean!
PP looks similar to the Acorn scam where tax money is used to allow and promote prostitution, drug abuse, voter fraud and tax evasion to garner votes for the Democrats. They were busted several times on video caught in the act on a TV news report. They performed a staggering 300,000 abortions last year. How many potential Nobel Prize laureates, doctors, teachers, musicians, politicians and other influential people were flushed down the drain. It is inhumane, sacrilegious and needs to be stopped now!

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