Saturday, October 15, 2011

The pinheaded "Wall Street protesters"

The misguided pinheaded anarchist "Wall Street protesters" are beginning to look like the 60's riots of stoned smelly disillusioned "hippies, socialists and Marxists". If you can get close enough to listen to their rhetoric and if you can stand the smell, It sounds like they are trying to convert us to European socialism. In Europe they are simply union thugs and leftist activists in the streets vandalizing anything they can as usual - their next goal must apparently be a form of communism - they are already socialistic and why some countries are broke and have a serious alien and Sharia Law problem.
I thought part of Obama's "Change" plan was to bring us all together in more class/racial unity but instead he is embracing these protesting pinheads and fueling the class warfare he initially condemned. As far as I am concerned the pinheads in the streets and Obama can "KEEP THE CHANGE".

Perry would start drilling again and rescue the oil /gas industry in Texas, create millions of jobs, bring more income to oil/gas royalty owners and control the border, all critical issues for many Texans. Texas is gaining many companies from New York and other high tax states, so the pinheads are destroying more local jobs by encouraging CEOs and their companies to move out of New York, how stupid is that?? They are going to CEOs homes and threatening the safety of their families. What will they think when their own family and friends lose their jobs when the companies move to Texas and they are partly responsible - idioitic!
Would you like some more oil royalty? You won't be getting any with Obama that's for sure!

Who other than socialists/Marxists/activists and ill informed idealistic college students are actually supporting the pinheads and their violence - trashing/defecating/urinating police cars and businesses - typical of anarchists - that will hurt Obama??

You wouldn't' see any of that at a Tea Party or Republican rally, much more civilized.

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