Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sex Addiction Rehab - A Myth for Celeb Atonement

I have been thinking that this sex addiction trend among celebs to get off the hook when they get busted in their serial polygamous lifestyle is an urban myth. First of all, I am not defending Tiger's actions but only arguing that the label "Sex Addict" has been commercialized and ligitimized by entrepreneurs. It is promoted by expensive therapists, the National Inquirer and other magazines, Dr. Phil, Oprah and other talk show hosts. The AMA doesn't classify it as a legitimate disorder. Just because Dr Phil and Oprah showcase people on his show with the "addiction" and the National Inquirer has headlines to that effect doesn't mean it is valid. Many of his peers don't accept Dr. Phil as a therapist because of his Jerry Springer style approach. There is an ongoing debate and many psychologists debunk the myth and label. I personally think it is an excuse for serial cheating among celebs so they can "come clean" and save their marriage or millions when in divorce court .
Does anyone actually believe that bad boy Jesse James will suddenly give up his harem of stripper/hookers after spending a month with one
of Dr. Phil's buddies at some $50,000/month rehab ranch in Sedona with other celeb addicts.
I told Myra, my wife, when Sandra married Jesse James, whose uncle is a great great grandson of the outlaw of the same name, that it was a mistake but many women including Sandra Bullock, apparently still believe the White Knight myth. Not if they are an obvious Black Knight and ride in on a Harley horse with tattoos from top to bottom and divorced from a porn star - just to mention a few red flags; Sandra must be color blind. What is it with those nicer Hollywood leading ladies who always marry bad boys and when they win the Oscar the boys come out of their dark closets? Maybe the ladies need some real therapy before marrying them and have iron clad prenups.
Tiger's complete disregard for everyone is disturbing - his testosterone level and his alpha maleness must be at a max. Testosterone is a very strong drug but can be controlled. In women it can actually have a similar effect in later life when estrogen levels subside and testosterone increases proportionately or given as a supplement. It may be a factor in the "cougar" tendency/trend past 50 or so.
Does anybody believe that Tiger Woods is digressing back to a Cub and stay at home with mamma Tiger 24/7 and not stalk some new partners at an after party after a tough day on the course?
Now for the Biochemical aspect! The man with many partners is simply having a problem with commitment, but to say he's addicted to sex seems like saying we're addicted to water if we stay thirsty due to our physiology and like to drink from several sources as we should for native trace minerals. A man who feels a need for frequent sex isn't an addict; he probably has a strong libido due to a high level of testosterone . The innate desire to spread our DNA as far as possible is hard wired into our behavior. I suppose we could say: Tiger Woods is addicted to his own testosterone, but that would seem absurd; therein lies the paradox!
Are the Bonobo monkeys addicted to sex because they have group sex 24/7 ? - absolutely not, their behavior is considered normal for them and their main social pastime much like the French!
So does a naturally high level of testosterone always lead to apparent addictive or is it compulsive behavior? Can it lead to rape, child molestation and other sex crimes? Apparently it can become obcessive compulsive although some chemicals are released after sex similar to Oxycodone that could support the addiction model. In the old days castration was a punishment for serial rapists and that is a cure. Our prison populations are disproportionately represented by those with high testosterone and the criminal gene, so apparently it is a factor in sexual criminal behavior, but sex addiction, I believe, is the wrong way to characterize sexual behavior with high or normal testosterone. If women are overly promiscuous should they be characterized as addicts or simply victims of compulsive behavior based on similar physiological and emotional needs while considering the "place for men versus reason for women" argument which does support the testosterone model because eunuchs behave much more like women in that respect?
If a married young couple has typical married sex every day for a year, like some couple did on a bet on a reality show, are they considered addicted? - No, because they are married. If that same guy were single and had a variety of sex with different women for 365 days then he is labeled an serious addict. That is the paradox! After sex everyday for a year with the same partner that couple is probably ready for real sexual rehab, back and prostate surgery, real closed door therapy with Dr. Phil and a lifetime Rx for MegaViagra!

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